Biopsy Analysis and Interpretation

A biopsy is the microscopic examination of a tissue sample to determine the presence or cause of a disease. Biopsy analysis requires the skill of a highly trained doctor called a Pathologist. A Pathologist is a physician who specializes in the diagnosis of disease based on the analysis (inspection) of these small tissue samples called a biopsy.

If a biopsy is obtained, the tissue is processed and an extremely thin slice of tissue is removed and attached to a glass slide. The remaining tissue is stored for further studies, if required. Because they are very small (microscopic), the slide is stained with special dyes that allow the Pathologist to see them more clearly. This process is very technical and is performed in a specialized laboratory. Based on the findings, the Pathologist prepares a written report that will list any abnormalities or important findings. These results are sent to the doctor who performed your examination and a plan for your treatment will be discussed with you.

The analysis and interpretation of a biopsy plays an important role in helping your medical team diagnose your condition or disease.