Colon Polyps

Colon polyps are fleshy round tumors which arise from the lining of the colon and gradually enlarge. They are initially benign (negative for cancer), but in time, some can become malignant (positive for cancer). Most colon cancers begin as benign polyps, thus the importance of colon screening and polyp removal. Polypectomy is the technique used to remove a polyp in which a snare (wire lasso) is placed around the polyp and squeezed down on as electric current is applied to cut through and seal off the polyp. The polyp is then collected and sent to the laboratory to determine its cell type. The cell type of the polyp determines when a repeat colonoscopy will be recommended or if further treatment is required. If you are found to have polyp(s), you should inform your immediate relatives (parent, siblings, children) so they can schedule colonoscopy in a timely manner as well.